Restaurants and cafes of all shapes and sizes can benefit from providing tablets for customer use. A well-designed holder will make sure tablets are available and secure where they’re needed most and choosing the right one is an important business decision.

The point of payment

Money makes the world go round. But in an increasingly cashless society, providing an easy alternative to paying with an elusive note or coin is essential to keep a business spinning. Tablets make secure online payments easy for customers and staff. And when confidence and security come easily, so too does spending.


A natural order

Service staff wait on tables, but customers shouldn’t wait for tables. Long queues and delayed service mean restaurants lose customers. And people are often hungry to order their food as soon as possible after being seated. Providing tablets with a digital menu for customers to choose their own food can be an easy and efficient solution to help get things in order. Diners have complete control over what they want to eat, and how: by being able to personally add their own information like allergies or food preferences, the risk of second-party human error is reduced and wrong orders are minimised.


The solution is Olive

Whatever it’s used for, providing a tablet interface for customers can be invaluable. Of course, the tablet itself has its own value, so making sure it’s safe and secure is imperative: a tablet without a good holder is useless. Olive is the answer. A lockable holder for tablets in public spaces, it creates an elegant screen display, and is made from cast aluminium so fits stylishly wherever it’s used. Suitable for compatible tablets from 7.9” and 10.5”, it also offers versatility for how tablets are held too, with different mounting options including wall mount or various height stands.


Olive in a nutshell



Compatible with 7.9’’ to 10.5’’ iPads and Android tablets
• Robust and secure lockable enclosure



• Surface or wall mounted options
• Landscape or portrait rotation
• Screen angle lockable in three positions from 25° to 65°


Well designed

• Available in black or white
• High quality cast aluminum
• UK designed with two-year warranty
• Bulk discount available

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Speeds up check-out


Perfect tablet holder – Surface 230