Whilst Apple’s first generation iPad may have started its life off with humble beginnings, the same can’t be said for their latest offering.

Thanks to some pretty big leaps forward in technology over the past 5 years or so, the iPad now accommodates a whole host of impressive features that could really benefit you and your business.

With that in mind, the following article will be a closer look at the main reasons why we think you should choose an iPad for your next business upgrade.

What are the benefits of using an iPad for business?

laptop-like capabilities


One of the iPads early downfalls was its inability to handle highly-taxing applications from a processing point of view.


That being said, Apple has bolstered the internal power of iPads exponentially since the early days, with the latest models coming equipped with powerful processing chips that have the ability to run complex applications and workflows.


Pairing this with the iPad’s easy-to-use interface and their newest IOS synchronisation makes the iPad the perfect vessel for your business requirements.


Thanks to smartphones and tablets, the world has gone crazy for applications… and you can see why.

Whilst many may think Netflix and YouTube are the only apps out there, that is most certainly not the case. Many businesses utilise an entire array of tailored applications that, when used in the right way, can make life a whole lot easier. Below are a few examples of applications used within businesses:


  • Microsoft office Mobile Apps
  • POS Systems
  • CamCard
  • OneDrive
  • Slack
  • Zoom
  • Quickbooks

Technology Innovation

Today’s iPad is much more than a 10.5 inch touchscreen with a few cool apps attached. Businesses can utilise inbuilt technology like NFC readers to pick up and display information relayed from NFC tagged items.


Apples’ NFC reading ability gives businesses the option to add small, cost-effective sticker sized devices to product tags, that when read up close instantly reveal web-based or PDF content on the device.


Users having access to more information upon picking the product up and congregating around an information point has great potential for improving the general customer experience in a retail business environment.


This type of innovation relating to contactless experiences within retail environments is only going to become more popular, particularly in the post-COVID era in which both retailers and customers will be actively avoiding in-store interaction where possible.

The Benefits Of Using An iPad In Retail

The retail sector might be one of the biggest and most competitive industries you’re likely to work in, driving hundreds of billions of pounds worth of sales every year.


For that reason, well-established businesses are always on the lookout for new ways of making the shopping experience that much easier. Enter the iPad.


Users having access to more information upon picking the product up and congregating around an information point has great potential for improving the general customer experience in a retail business environment.


The iPad has been used within the retail sector for a good while now, replacing outdated, ugly, and less functional alternatives. And whilst we could discuss the pros of using an iPad in retail all day, below are a few of the standout reasons:


Point of Sale

We’ve all seen it, and probably all used it by now, but the iPad is an excellent tool when it comes to finalising sales. Not only does this allow employees to tally up a sale anywhere in the shop, but it also eliminates the need for more traditional, pricier systems.


Customer Service

The iPad is also a fantastic customer service tool, allowing you to manage customers in a number of different ways, depending on your business.


Gone are the days of collecting a number and waiting in line, customers can now be checked in anywhere in the store, converting queuing time into browsing time.


Lead Capture

Let’s be honest, when it comes to retail, every second counts. When your potential customer is about to walk out the door, the iPad gives you instant access to note taking, allowing you to grab their details without taking too much of their time.



Lastly, we have demonstration. Whilst this isn’t always essential to every business, demonstration can still be an effective tool in securing a sale.


The iPad is a computer at your fingertips, if anything needs a better explanation, simply load up any number of apps to help explain the process.

Choosing An Olive Tablet Holder

So, there you have it, some of the fundamental reasons why iPads are now hugely popular within the retail sector. The only thing left to discuss is how you’ll implement the iPad into your business regime. Our advice is; use a premium tablet holder.


Olive Tablet holders are some of the best on the market, bringing premium-quality materials and the highest levels of safety to the table… Literally!


We understand that iPads aren’t the cheapest addition to your business, that’s why we prioritise its safety first and foremost.


Our tried and tested design gives you a secure and versatile experience in any public setting – with a tonne of different variants and mounting options to choose from.


If you’re serious about bringing the iPad into the workplace, there may be no easier way to do so, than with an Olive Tablet Holder. Get in touch with our friendly team for further information or for an answer to any queries you may have.


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